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7th Laurel Immigration is a female-owned and private incorporated immigration consulting company located in New Brunswick, Canada. The founder is a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant, and a member in good standing under the regulatory body of the College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants, CICC.

7th Laurel Immigration Inc. is an information sharing hub that exist to assist and empower our clients with adequate information, which gives them opportunity to be prepared mentally and financially for the immigration journey ahead.

We believe that the key to a successful journey begins with taking the RIGHT first step. That is why we are here to hold your hands to make the journey smooth. We serve with Integrity and empathy. Let us connect today!

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Book a consultation with our Certified Immigration Consultant to assess your file and advise on the next step forward.


Our mission is to assist our clients to address any pain points, eliminate doubts and unknowns for people aspiring to come to Canada, and provide exceptional and unique services tailored to address such immigration needs, in accordance with the best practices and what the laws and regulations stipulate on such matters.



we treat our clients, employees, and stakeholders fairly and respectfully.


we continuously seek ways to collaborate with other organizations and employers by sharing expert advice and immigration consulting support to help address their labour shortages through the immigration, recruitment, and settlement process.

Knowledge sharing

we will expertly guide our individual clients through the Canadian immigration process to help them reach their immigration goals

Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC)

Olaitan left her home country and arrived in Canada over seven years ago, as an international student admitted to the MBA program of the University of New Brunswick, Canada.

Her experiences then, as a mom of two, and an international student in an extremely intensive program gave her the opportunity to create a platform to assist future students to prepare ahead of arrival to ensure smooth transitioning to Canada. Since then, she has helped over one hundred international students and immigrants in various cities and provinces in Canada.

“My aim is to fulfill my client’s immigration dreams – as someone who went through the same process, I know how overwhelming the process can be.” Olaitan Onyebuoha MBA, UNBSJ, class of 2015

“My goal is to guide my clients towards fulfilling their Canadian immigration dreams” Olaitan. O

About Me

Olaitan Onyebuoha MBA RCIC is a wife, mom, and a dynamic, cross-functional experienced
professional, with excellent problem-solving, project management, and communication 

Olaitan has over twelve years of professional and business experience where she worked across several diverse roles, bringing expertise in project management, contract management, international education recruitment, immigration, entrepreneurship, community, and nonprofit leadership to mention but few.

She is a self-professed optimist with a passion for projects, people, and processes.
She enjoys doing the important work that impacts the lives of others.

Olaitan is a goal-getter and a pacesetter with a solid commitment to learning, improving,
and acquiring new skills to assist you in navigating your immigration journey to Canada

Director Message

Canada needs you because Canada is a nation of immigrants. Our country was built by the hard work and contributions of people worldwide.

As Canada faces an aging population, declining birth rates, and a workforce shortage, the economy’s future of Canada highly depends on its ability to attract, retain and integrate newcomers into our economy. Therefore, immigrants are needed to maintain the current level of economic growth. Canada needs you. So, learn about the top occupations for new immigrants and how to immigrate to Canada under various immigration pathways.

Canada welcomes newcomers. Newcomers are our neighbors, business owners, community leaders, and friends. Canada is an immigrant country, and we are proud of it. It’s a dream for many, however living in Canada isn’t just about moving to a new place. It’s about creating a life.

We know that relocating and settling into a new country with new opportunities can be stressful and challenging. That’s why we’ve got your back. If you’re a student in Canada and you want to build your business abroad, we want to help.

If you wish to immigrate, invest and/or study in Canada, 7th Laurel Immigration Consulting Inc. can help with our expertise in the following areas: Temporary Residency Applications – Study, Work, Visit, Visa Refusal Case Management, and All categories of Permanent Residency and Canadian Citizenship applications.

At 7th Laurel Immigration Consulting Inc, we are passionate about working with others to solve problems, communicate clearly, and get everything done – so that we all win. Our team has a good understanding of the job market and needs, both from the candidates and employers trying to build dream teams. With joy and appreciation, I welcome you to 7th Laurel Immigration Consulting Inc., an immigrant-owned, female-led immigration consulting solution located in New Brunswick, Canada.


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