Our Partners

We know that there’s a whole world out there beyond our borders, filled with scholars, immigrants, and people seeking new beginnings. That’s why we’re grateful to work alongside our trusted partners, who help make the journey to international study and immigration as smooth as possible. From career counselling, to international education services, career navigation, to language training, employment assistance, and community integration, our partners have been handpicked for their expertise, commitment, and passion for serving immigrant populations. Together, we create a powerful network that strives to tackle the unique challenges that newcomers face and foster a truly welcoming environment.

Our partners include

Local Government Agencies

We work with local government agencies to provide essential resources and advocate for inclusive policies.

Nonprofit Organizations

We partner with reputable nonprofits in education, employment, healthcare, and social integration.

Educational Institutions

We support immigrant students and families through partnerships with schools, colleges, and universities.

Business and Industry Associations

We connect immigrants with job opportunities and entrepreneurship programs through local businesses and industry associations.

Community-Based Organizations

We engage with community-based organizations offering grassroots support and social activities.

Our Amazing Partners:

Our partners